Veritas Personal Development

Colours for Career

"Love what you do and you'll never ever work a day in your life". 

Discovering the right fit for the career that doesn't take you away from your truest passion.

Colour Communication

Learn to work collaboratively with others by using differently "coloured" words

that engage and enrol different personalities in the way that motivates them to react positively.

Personal Branding

"It's not who you know

It's who knows you." 

Networking Skills in

the new Millenial.

Social Media and

Personality crafting. 

the essence
of Style

Beauty Beyond Age
Anti-aging Secrets from inside out.

Learn to the tips to slowing down the aging process and understand the co-relation of body-mind wellness.

Face Care, Nutrition and Make up

tips are highlights of this segment.

Deportment & Poise
Posture correction, social graces and decorum. Optional module - Dining & Social Etiquette.

 Flexibility, Agility, Shape & Tone - the fitness needs for everyone as

age catches up.

Personality Styling

Identify your preference among 5

Style personalities and find out how

you can stand out and show off your most authentic self.

Personal Branding & Style Coaching
A 6 session programme that covers all of the above segments.

Also available are 2 optional sessions for Wardrobe Decluttering and Personal Shopping.


Aura Soma & Colour Coaching

A 90-minute one on one personal consultation using the colour bottles of Aura Soma - Helping you delve deeper into their inner workings and issues that may be creating stress, unhappiness or conflict.

Coaching packages in 3, 6 or 10 sessions also available. 


The Secret Language of Colour

Activity based workshop that gets you in touch with the deepest areas of concerns as colouring fuses into a meditative exercise, Discover the colour interpretation of your choice and what is keeping you stuck. Useful for releasing emotional toxins and fatigue. 

Colour for Healing

Heal yourself without drugs! Discover what body-mind healing is all about

and what colours you

need to heal yourself and get into

the pink of health. 

Doodles & Expressions*

Parent-Child Bonding using art and colours. 

My Child, My Mirror & Me

A 3 hour workshop where parents

get to learn about their children's personalities and understand motivations which can encourage

a better relationship and influence

them in a positive way.

The Secret Language of Colour

An educator's guide to non-intrusive counselling