Veritas Personal Development

create the                                          

life you want               

by knowing your                             

true colour


Colourful. Radiant. Brilliant. Beautiful. 

Dr John Hartung

Bodymind Integration Institute, Llc

215 Crown High Ct.

CO 80904

Have you ever imagined a different life? 

  • Do you sometimes desire a life that's free from hurts, pains and suffering? 
  • Do you sometimes wish that you can make some episodes, or even people, in your life go away? 
  • Do you sometimes imagine living your life with passion - get out of the rat race?
  • Do you aspire to be happy, fulfilled and free? And just be yourself?

What if I told you that you can get all that...? 

Growing up, I have never being academically inclined (now, I half suspect I've ADHD as a kid). I left school and worked as a boutique sales girl at 16 after I flunked my "A" levels. A year later, my dad went bankrupt, and my parents divorced, I worked 3 jobs to get through life in a rented house, my brother was still in school. At 23 I got married & became mum by 24. My work in an advertising agency later was my sanctuary and I worked long hours - I was an absent mum who "outsourced" parenthood to my dependable helper. Later, I had to deal with a dad who had a serious alcohol addiction. At the turn of the millenial, I experienced a business failure which almost made me lose my family. My world was a constant battle and life was crashing all over. 

The downward spiral led me into depression at some point - and I was suicidal. I was just about to end it all when, through a miraculous turn of event, an old friend appeared out of the blue - and colours came into my life. Through Colour Therapy. That was 1999. 

This was when I vowed "If this could help me, I will help others..." So here I am. It's been almost 20 years of taking many people through Life, and a journey through colours. 

Since 2000, I have helped clients discover themselves through the non-intrusive power of Colour Therapy after fast tracking my certification to an advance practitioner of Colour Therapeutics.

From working with parents and children; to leading workshops and coaching individuals in corporate organisations and schools, my work helped my clients to expand their conscious awareness of their world. I journey with them to create areas of personal empowerment - leading to self freedom and live happier lives.

In my work, I do "outside in" and "inside out" coaching and conduct workshops where participants begin to recognise their Personality Style and I guide them to enhance their appearance to radiate their core personality and strength. Style Coaching incorporates intrinsic value-based and belief system for an inside-out & outside-in approach to bring out holistic wellness on all levels - Body, Mind and Spirit.

Combining elements of Aura Soma, Body-mind Integration Techniques and Mindfulness Meditative Colouring to support my programmes, I am proud to say that I have reached out to touch and transform many lives. 

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