create the                                          

life you want               

by knowing your                             

true colour


Colourful. Radiant. Brilliant. Beautiful. 

Dr John Hartung

Bodymind Integration Institute, Llc

215 Crown High Ct.

CO 80904

Have you ever imagined a different life? 

  • Do you sometimes desire a life that's free from hurts, pains and suffering? 
  • Do you sometimes wish that you can make some episodes, or even people, in your life go away? 
  • Do you sometimes imagine living your life with passion? To get up each morning with renewed purpose and vigour?

Since 2000 (yes, I'm celebrating my 20th year!) I have helped clients discover themselves through the non-intrusive power of Colour Therapy after fast tracking my certification to an advance practitioner of Colour Therapeutics. Along with that, I was blessed to have been trained and mentored by some of the best coaches from the USA in Energy Therpy and Trauma Release. It is with this conviction that if I could get out of the dark, others can too.

It was through a very tough moment in my life when I was depressed that I was brought to a Colour Therapist and was introduced to various forms of Energy therapies. It opened up so much for me - more than words alone could articulate. With a major shift and transformation I experienced, I vowed that I would help others because it helped me. 

From working with parents and children; to leading workshops and coaching individuals in corporate organisations and schools, my work helped my clients to expand their conscious awareness of their world. I journey with them to create areas of personal empowerment - leading to self freedom and live happier lives.

In my work, I do "outside in" and "inside out" coaching and conduct workshops where participants begin to recognise their Personality Style and I guide them to enhance their appearance to radiate their core personality and strength. Style Coaching incorporates intrinsic value-based and belief system for an inside-out & outside-in approach to bring out holistic wellness on all levels - Body, Mind and Spirit.

Combining elements of Aura Soma, Body-mind Integration Techniques and Mindfulness Meditative Colouring to support my programmes, I am proud to say that I have reached out to touch and transform many lives. 

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